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December 2, 2017, was a perfect day--bright sunshine and moderate temperatures--for the herding fun day at the Larry Burch farm in Butler, Missouri. For those working on longer out runs, Larry and Bob Salmon held sheep in Larry's trial field. Participants with less experienced dogs made ample use of a medium-sized field and a round pen. All dogs got to work at least twice, in the morning and after lunch.

A pizza lunch was provided, followed by the Show Me Stock Dog League Annual meeting.

Minutes of the meeting:

The Show Me Stock Dog League Annual Meeting was called to order by President Art Irvin at 12:35 pm on December 2, 2017, at Larry Burch’s Farm in Butler, Missouri. There were 14 members in attendance.

No one expressed an interest in attending the meeting via conference call.

Since the minutes of the December 3, 2016, annual meeting were emailed to members last year, secretary Dotty Esher summarized the contents rather than reading them. A motion by Bob Salmon to approve the minutes was seconded by Mac Finley.

Misty Finley reported that the financial audit found the League’s books to be in order. Dotty then gave the treasurer’s report.

The League bank balance on November 30, 2016, was $3,234.11 and on November 30, 2017, the balance was $3,017.60. There are 30 members of the League.

A motion by Jeanne Irvin to approve the treasurer’s report was seconded by Mac Finley.

Old Business

A discussion was held on the need to update the League website. Sheryl Day said that Rhonda Long has expressed willingness to investigate the League’s options.

Mark Goucher said he uses Word Press, free Web site software, and it works well.

Several suggested the League start a members-only Facebook page. A discussion ensued with no decision being made.

Art Irvin gave a report on this year’s State Fair trial. It played smoothly to a much larger audience than we have had in the past. In an effort to help new handlers, the judge, Gordon Watt, gave a very helpful talk to the novice group both before and after they ran their dogs.

Since it is an opportunity to acquaint a new audience with our sport, several expressed the need to continue the trial even though it is a lot of work to put on and requires a large number of volunteers--fencing, sheep and cattle are brought to the site, and all set up and tear down tasks need to be done in one day.

It was decided to leave the decision to hold the trial in 2018 to the new Show Me Stock Dog League’s board.

New Business

2017 awards were presented:

Open Sheep: Jack Knox and Nap
Nursery Sheep: Bob Allen and Lady
Pro Novice Sheep: Carl Rupe and Blaze
Ranch Sheep: Justin Austin and Dan
Novice Sheep: Miles Bailey and Fancy

A discussion was held on ways the League could help Novice and Intermediate handlers hone their herding skills. Jeanne Irvin suggested fun trials would take pressure off handlers and dogs, and give developing handlers an opportunity to ask for and receive advice in a friendly atmosphere. It was agreed another benefit was to be able to help their dogs during the run. Bob Salmon and Jeanne Irvin said they would do a fun trial, and Bob even set a date—February 24 for his. Further details will follow.

Representing the Nominating Committee, Bob Putnam presented a slate of 2018 officers:

President – Sheryl Day
Vice President – Jerry Dunn
Secretary/Treasurer – Caryn Miller
Kansas Representative – Shane Hall
Nebraska Representative – Rhonda Long
Member at Large – Jan Moore
Missouri Representative – Bob Putnam (term not expired)
Iowa Representative – Darwin Baker (term not expired)

A motion was made by Larry Burch to accept the slate, Jeanne Irvin seconded. A vote unanimously approved the slate.

Larry Burch made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Dotty Esher seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Many thanks to the Burch family for opening up their farm to the League once again!

Show Me Stock Dog League 2018 membership renewals are due.

$20 for single membership, $30 for a family membership, 17 years of age and under are free.


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